Chittagong Port of Bangladesh

Kala Sepid Tarabar Company is one of the largest active freight shipping companies in Bangladesh ports. One of these ports is the Chittagong, which the activity of Kala Sepid Tarabar Company in it is as follows:


Location of Chittagong Port

Chittagong port is the most significant and busiest port of Bangladesh on the Indian Ocean which locates at Port Internal Rd, Chittagong, Bangladesh (Lying about 12 miles inland from the mouth of Karnaphuli River).


History of Chittagong Port

The Port of Chittagong was called Shetgang on 4th century BC and it welcomed ships from the Middle East and China. It is reported that the Port of Chittagong was one of the best ports in the East as it was a mixing point for many ancient civilizations including Europeans, Turks, and Chinese businessmen settled there.

Businessmen from Oman and Yemen called on the port by the 9th Century AD. Muslim traders named the Port of Chittagong as their base port. Calling it Samunda, they controlled the port for many years and made it as a world well-known trading center. It was recognized as Porte Grande by the Portuguese on the 16th Century and it was a major port for them. On 17th and 18th Centuries, Chittagong port improved as a natural harbor and outlet for northeast British-India. In 1888, the official Port of Chittagong was introduced and the building process of roads and railways to this port was started.

In 1947 India was partitioned and the Port of Chittagong became the only port for eastern Pakistan so it faced with high commercial traffic and many new jetties and berths were constructed to support the customers. This fast improvement continued and a reorganization of port management was required so the Chittagong Port Trust was formed in 1960. However, the newly organized trust did not meet the demands for commercial improvement. Requirements to modernize and expand the Port of Chittagong led to establish the Chittagong Port Authority.

In fact the Bangladesh government has long neglected the city of Chittagong. But at the turn of the 21st century as trade reached an historic high of $8 billion, investors paid attention to the strategic commercial location of this city. Finally the Port of Chittagong handles almost all of Bangladesh’s exports and imports nowadays.



The Significance of Chittagong Port

The Port of Chittagong is a significant communication and commerce center for the Bangladesh as it is lying about 12 miles inland from the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. It welcomes many manufacturers extending for miles up the river.

The Port of Chittagong is Bangladesh’s main sea port and a critical part of the national economy as it handles over 90% of the country’s commerce. The Chittagong Port Authority provides various services and facilities to assure customers competitive prices and efficient, effective support.


Facilities of Chittagong Port

Chittagong port has 20 berths serving ocean-going vessels, including 12 for general cargo and eight for containers. Seven specialized berths are dedicated to bulk cargoes that include petroleum and petroleum products, grain, cement clinker, and ammonia.

The Port of Chittagong also embeds ten single-point river mooring berths and two dry dock jetties for vessel repairs. There are also berths for inland coasters and domestic vessels that handle petroleum products, grain, and cement, among other cargoes.

The Port of Chittagong Container Terminal (CCT) has the capacity for 6408 TEUs of containerized cargo. To meet increased volume of containerized cargoes, the new Mooring Container Terminal in the Port of Chittagong was established by the Chittagong Port Authority adjacent to the CCT.


Future improvements of Chittagong Port

The rapid commercial improvements in the Port of Chittagong continue as there is a great boom in this city. Every day many new buildings including hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers are established to fulfill all the demands. Also various facilities will be added to this port in near future.



Provided Services by Kala Sepid Tarabar Transportation Company for Chittagong Port

Kala Sepid Tarabar Company is ready to meet all customers’ requirements and preferences in the field of transportation services to Bangladesh. We can provide various services rapidly and professionally for Chittagong Port including:

 From Iran to Chittagong Port:

  • Transporting 20 foot container to Chittagong Port
  • Transporting 40 foot container to Chittagong Port
  • Transporting dangerous cargoes to Chittagong Port
  • Transporting Iso tank to Chittagong Port
  • Transporting flex tank to Chittagong Port
  • Transporting Ref containers to Chittagong Port

From Chittagong Port to Iran:

  • Receiving the cargo from your company or storeroom in any city of Bangladesh
  • Completing the customs affairs at Chittagong Port
  • Transporting your cargo from Chittagong Port to Bandar Abbas port of Iran