International Transport

International shipping method for the international transit of goods from point a to point in the other country. According to the transportation of goods, logistics processes of land, air, sea (the road) or used for rail transport. transport of the goods if the border of a country about to be done is called internal transport. Standards and rules and regulations of the transit of goods to internal practices with international transport are different. The transit rules, customs clearance and adjust for differences in the Forwarding stages of the common transit Convention and regulations shall be governed by all of the countries that are the target of the goods passes, they have been approved. Usually for creating such a coordination of international conventions that Member countries are used a lot.


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Services of international transport companies contain a range of different services, cargo, customs formalities, and documentation set. Each company according to the job description of a preset action to provide these services. some companies offer wider services from the scope of the international transport and trading service provider. Due to the proximity of the profession with the import and export trade this for the customers.
The competitive factor of the international transport company involves the use of technology, the speed of cargo operations, competitive prices, select suitable logistics for the transit procedure, and route optimization, providing multimodal or combined transport services, the list of customers, tracking and tracing and data acquisition And the work and analysis.
The transportation company services the goods includes the use of ground-based techniques (the road), air, marine, and rail or a combination of them to send all kinds of correspondence to the hands of the customer. Some companies send about certain products has experience and expertise. For example, a company’s focus on maritime transport and the services of a professional and accurate as is done by the company, while other companies in the field of air transportation of goods, expertise, and services to air transport in compliance with the competitive factor.