Rosebud Supplier

Rosebud is a traditional type of sweet-scented rose with pink or light red and velvety petals. They need minimal care and are easy to grow, tolerating any type of soil, except chalk and resistant to dehydration. They are the most fragrant roses and in ancient times were grown for producing perfume, rose oil or attar.  Generally there are two kinds of rosebuds; one type of it is flowering only one time per year, in summer. The second type is flowering from summer till autumn.

Rosebud has a wide variety of curative properties. It is rich in Vitamin A, B and C, curing depression and digestive diseases. Rosebud buds prevent cancer to develop. Respiratory disorders, cold and flu can be improved by drinking rosebud tea as it makes the lungs stronger. The high amount of Vitamin C in rosebud helps to boost the body resistance. Rosebud is a famous medicine for fever; do not allow infection to become severe. Moreover the plant has shown to be effective in decreasing blood sugar levels and managing diabetes.

Originally rosebud was grown in Middle East and some evidences show that it first was cultivated in Iran. Now 14 providences of Iran are active in cultivation of rosebud but mostly it is grown in Fars, Esfahan, Markazi, Semnan, Kerman, and East Azerbaijan provinces. It is worth noting that rosebuds are treated as queens in Persian and Arabian cultures. Its fame is not only because of its medicinal effects but also due to holy thoughts related to it. Rosebud is the national flower of Iran. It is called “Flower of Prophet Mohammad” because Iranian people know rosebud as a holy and therapeutic plant. The rosebud is said to be the symbol of beauty, purity, faith, and love!

Harvesting of rosebud is a real chore, time and labor consuming work.  It is mostly performed at dawn to morning. Any delay in harvesting or transporting results in low quality water or oil. Iran is well-known in producing various products from rosebud as follow:

  • Rosebud water: It is the main product of rosebud in Iran, containing 10-50% of rose oil. It’s famous in religious ceremonies and widely used in food industry.
  • Rosebud oil: It is produced mainly in distilleries and is a significant component of many perfumes. Rose oil is used in both perfume and rose water.
  • Dried rosebud: Two types of dried damask flowers are grown in Iran. The first type is dried damask bud which is mostly used for export and the second type is dried damask petals which are mainly used in Iran domestic market. It is used as a garnish and in herbal teas.

Organic dried rosebud buds are supplied by Kala Sepid Tarabar Company for international buyers, mostly in Germany, UK, France, Austria, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Sweden, China, Japan, and Persian Gulf countries. We are buying organic rosebuds from reliable farmers who are working with our company for decades. Then the hand-selected roses are packaged according to the buyer’s preferences, in any type of desired package and trademark. Finally they are delivered across the globe as fast as possible. Kala Sepid Tarabar Company guarantees to supply the highest quality rosebuds at affordable prices. As we are expertise in shipping, we can export dried rosebuds at best freight rates on CIF term to any point in the world.