Talc or Soapstone Supplier

Talc: A Mineral in Your Daily Life

Talc is a hydrated magnesium silicate mineral with the chemical composition of Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. Talc is usually green, white, gray, brown or colorless. Talc is the softest mineral that its hardness rate is one in the Mohs hardness scale.

Talc sheets are held together by a van der Waals link, allowing them to slide freely on each other. This results in a great softness of talc like a touch of soap or grease and its value as a high temperature lubricant. The rock, known as “soapstone”, is a mass of talc with varying amounts of minerals such as mica, chlorite, amphibolite, and pyroxenes. Soapstone is a soft stone that is easily carved and has been used to make ornamental and practical objects for thousands of years. This stone is used for making laminate cabinets, electronic panels, fireproof walls, small sculptures, and many more.

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Uses of Talc

Most people use products made from talc every day; however, they don’t realize that talc is in the product or the special role that it plays.

Ceramics: One of the properties of talc in the ceramic tile industry is the high heat or talc resistance to acids and the low changes over a wide thermal range. The talc in Ceramics has been a factor in the resistance production and talc prevents the formation of small cracks during heating tiles and therefore the tile doesn’t crush over time. Talc in the glaze is used as a refractory and as a regulator of heat shock resistance.

Rubber and Plastic: Another new market for talc is its use in sponge latex rubber, which is used behind parquet and carpet. Its use per 100 latex parts is about 75 to 100 parts of talc. The talc used in the plastics industry is finely white and contains a small amount of Iron.

Paper and Ink Printing: Talc used in the paper industry should be soft, free from sand or gravel and contain a small amount of alkali materials. This type of talc is easily soluble in water and has the ability to accept the ink very well. for the best paper only white and micronized talc and almost devoid of mica, calcium carbonate and iron oxide (max 2%) is Suitable.

This mineral as a cheap filler has a great effect on reducing the consumption of titanium dioxide. Talc also makes the paper transparent.

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Paint: Talc now competes with titanium oxide. A large percentage of the world’s production of talc is used as a filler and dye in the paint industry. Important properties of talc in color include softness, good diffusion coefficient, neutrality against solutions and low weight.

Cosmetics: Talc powder with slippery and greasy properties slides on the skin and makes us feel softness. It also Uses in some skin products to prevent skin abrasion and inflammation. The ability of talc to absorb moisture, absorb odor, adhere to the skin, serve as a lubricant, make it an important ingredient in many antiperspirants too.

Agriculture: Talc is used as a carrier of germs and diluents as well as a dry carrier for insecticides, pesticides, antifungals and fertilizers in agriculture. Talc is consumed in fine grains and wetting powders in agriculture. It used in very small amounts in production of fertilizer because it provides magnesium in fertilizers.

Roofing Industries: Low-grade talc are used both as a flattening material and as a filler in the production of roofing materials. Talc is used as a filler to stabilize asphalt, which is an important factor in increasing durability and resistance to weather conditions.

This mineral added to asphalt coatings, roofing or rolling shutters to increases their resistance to air.

Textile Industries: Talc is widely used in the textile industry. Some fabrics use talc for temporary stiffness and presentation for sale. Whiteness of talc is usually very important in this industry.

Grease: Oiliness is one of the major properties found in talc and rarely found in other minerals. Talc has long been used as a component of grease.

Other Uses:

Pharmacology, chemical industry, Glasswork, etc.

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