We Deliver Quality Foodstuffs Worldwide!

Kala Sepid Tarabar International Transport Company can supply various types of foodstuffs to a wide range of buyers in Europe including Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, also in Australia, New Zealand, and etc., which demonstrates the reliability and power of our firm in international markets. Our foodstuffs are as follow:

  1. Spices: Different kinds of spices like saffron are supplied by our company. Saffron, derived from the flower of crocus sativus is the most recognized spice of Iran. It acts as a powerful antioxidant, treats depressive symptoms, reduces PMS symptoms, helps weight loss, and is a strong cancer-fighter.
  2. Cake Powders: High-quality cake powders in order to gift the joy of cooking to all amateur chefs and make cake baking as easy as drinking water!
  3. Jelly Powders: Premium jelly powder in different flavors including cherry, black cherry, grape, lemon, lime, mango, orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, banana, watermelon and etc.
  4. Toasted Flour: It is mostly used by restaurants and home chefs to cook fried crispy fish and chicken.
  5. Herbal Hot Drinks: Herbal drinks help to boost the immune system, reduce pain and soreness, prevent chronic diseases, stimulate brain function and etc.
  6. Nuts: Various types of premium nuts like pistachio are supplied by our firm. Pistachio, full of nutrients, is high in antioxidants and protein but low in calories. So it helps you to lose weight and reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.
  7. Dried Fruits: Different kinds of high quality dried fruits including Jujube, dried figs, barberry, dates and etc. are available at Kala Sepid Tarabar Company.
  8. Dried Herbs: Our dried organic herbs are all hand-selected and used widely to flavor the foods as well as adding nutrients to them.

It is worth mentioning that Kala Sepid Tarabar as a customer-oriented company is ready to supply all products in the client’s desired trademark and packing. Moreover, we are an international freight forwarding and professional logistics company too, helping us to support cargo transportation in all stages from warehouse to customers’ final destination with our professional team which prevents the goods to be damaged.

Our services include:

Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Rail Freight, Warehousing, Customs Declaration, Export Documentation, Customs Clearance, Cargo Insurance, Multi-Modal Transportation and Inland Transportation to; CIS, Caucasus, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Russia and other points of the world via Bandar Abbas and Bandar Anzali ports. Also, we can arrange export/import to Europe.

Kala Sepid Tarabar International Transport Company can offer the best transit time with VIP services at special rates, matching all kinds of inquiries via Iran to any point of the world and vice versa. We are looking forward to having a successful and long-term working relationship with you…


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