Which Iranian goods have the most customers in the world?

In latest report, the Tehran Chamber of Commerce examines the situation of the country’s non-oil exports for this year and provides some details of export goods.

In the first eight months of this year, Iran exported more than $ 13 billion worth of goods to 20 neighboring countries, a 14 percent drop from the same period last year because of the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the most decrease in exports was recorded in trade with Saudi Arabia, Georgia and Lebanon, and the most increase was in trade with Russia, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

Among the main export destinations of Iran, the United Arab Emirates is a customer of agricultural products. Watermelon is Iran’s main export to the UAE, followed by iron or steel products, tomatoes and pistachios.
Afghanistan, as another major customer of Iran, puts iron and steel rods at the top of its demand list, followed by sweets, tomato paste, potatoes, tomatoes and non-velvet flooring.

Iran has exported apples, peaches, pistachios, cherries, kiwis, grapes and raisins to Russia.
Oman has imported iron ingots, urea, semi-finished iron products and watermelon from Iran.
Tomatoes and watermelons are also at the top of the list of exports to Qatar.
China also imports polyethylene, methanol, pistachios and iron ingots from Iran.