Happy Mother Earth Day

We only have one earth. I hope this special day reminds us of how important it is to keep it healthy and safe for future generations.
The United Nations has published a pamphlet called “A Guide to Preserving the World for the Lazy” which outlines the actions that citizens of the planet can take to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the suggestions in the UN pamphlet are:

  1. Save electricity by completely turning off electrical appliances, including computers, when not in use.
  2. Doing banking online and refusing to use paper for banking.
  3. Using carpets in homes can help increase the temperature of the house and thus reduce energy consumption.
  4. Take a shower instead of filling a bathtub.
  5. Help recycle food waste.
  6. Dry hair and clothes naturally instead of using dryers.
  7. Eat less meat, poultry and fish. (More resources are needed to prepare meat compared to plants)
  8. Make your purchases as planned and make a shopping list. Do not fall into the trap of commercial tricks used by stores to buy more.
  9. For transportation, give priority to cycling, walking and using public transportation. Limit car use when the number of occupants is high.
  10. Do not use disposable bottles and cups for water, coffee and tea.

On this Mother Earth Day, may the heavenly showers of happiness and good fortune pour down on people of the world. Have a fabulous day.