For nearly a thousand years, Iranians have been awake on Yalda night – the last night of autumn – which is the longest and darkest night of the year and entertaining each other so that the sorrow of the sun’s absence and the darkness of their spirit do not weaken them. They go to bed when the sky turning bright. Yalda night tradition is eating special nuts, watermelon, pomegranate and various sweets and fruits, all of which have a symbolic aspect and are a sign of blessing, health and happiness. It is customary to read Hafez’s poems on this night.
The ancient Iranians, believing that the day after Yalda’s night with the rising of the sun, the days get longer and the radiance of divine light increases. They also called the end of autumn and the beginning of winter “birth of the sun” and held a great celebration for it .
Yalda marks the victory of light over darkness… I wish that you are blessed with new light in this new season which bring victory and happiness to you. Happy Yalda night!!!!