Port of Antwerp

Locating in the heart of Europe, Belgium, Antwerp port is well recognized as Europe’s second-largest seaport in terms of freight volumes and is within the superior 20 ports of the world. It is on the right bank of the river Scheldt, around 88km southeast of the North Sea.

The Port of Antwerp is equipped with all required facilities to handle and store various types of products. The critical functions of this port are loading and unloading, storage of goods, repacking and distribution of freight. It is worth noting that Antwerp port is the lead break-bulk port in Europe and is a base for more than 200 forwarding companies. A wide range of bulk cargoes including coal, iron ore, non-ferrous concentrates, cement, minerals, fertilizers, and China clay are handled in Antwerp port. The Antwerp port benefits from 1,474 tanks that have the capacity to store 3.6 million cubic meters of liquid bulk cargo. Antwerp port has extensive terminals for loading and unloading process of cars and trucks. Moreover, it offers some other services including storage and logistics, towage, pilotage, mooring, and unmooring services and it delivers value-added services like repackaging, labeling, and quality control.

Antwerp port is easily accessible through a wide transportation network including roads, barge, rail, pipelines, and short sea or feeder.  Antwerp port has two parts: Right Bank and the Left Bank. The Right Bank benefits from the following facilities: The Berendrecht Lock (measures 500m in length and 68m in width), the Bonaparte Dock, the Amerika Dock, the Albert Dock, the Delwaide Dock, the Europa terminal, the North Sea terminal, and the MSC home terminal. The Left Bank of Antwerp port has the Kallo Lock, the Verrebroek Dock, the Vrasene Dock, and the Deurganck Dock.


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Owing 5 refineries, Antwerp port has a strong petrochemical cluster which has the annual distillation capacity of more than 40 million tons. Rotterdam-Antwerp Pipeline (RAPL) connects two of these refineries with the Rotterdam Port that guarantees the continuous supply of crude oil.

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