Rajaei Port / Bandar Abbas

Shahid Rajaei port, with its unique geographical location in the closest area to the Strait of Hormuz and the entrance to the Persian Gulf, being located at the confluence of the north-south transit corridor, It is the most important import and export gateway of Iran.

This large port, which is located in the central point of the southern coastal strip of the country and in Hormozgan province with more than 2,300 kilometers of sea border, is located near the major industries of this province and the country’s productive provinces, as well as having appropriate infrastructure. The various branches of transportation and connection to the international network of railways, air and the historic Silk Road play the most important role in the transportation industry and trade with more than 80 world famous ports through the top 35 shipping lines in the world.

Shahid Rajaei Port, with an area of ​​2400 hectares, is capable of accepting 100 million tons of goods per year, with the largest and most advanced container terminal in the country. after the opening of the second phase, has ability to accept 6 million TEU containers per year and handle a large volume of general goods such as steel products, dry bulk, liquid bulk and crude petroleum products are carried out in this port.

This pivotal port, as a gateway for imports and exports, has in recent years started a movement to globalize and gain a greater share of maritime transport and international trade, and to has the first level among region’s port. Many efforts in the last 20 years have led to attracting more than 23,000 billion Rials of private sector investment in this port.

As a result of these efforts, Shahid Rajaei Port in 2011 with a growth of 46 percent, among 3500 major ports in the world with 28 steps climbed from 72nd to 44th place.

Adding 2400 hectares to the north area to Shahid Rajaei port and upgrading the port level to 4800 hectares and providing the possibility of building a logistics city for expansion and re-export and providing value-added services are among the most important measures being taken in Rajaei

Special Economic Zone of Shahid Rajaei Port has the most valuable and effective role in the growing of the national economy and the distribution of goods in the region.