Refrigerator containers

General information about refrigerator containers:
Refrigerator containers are suitable for keeping the temperature of cold or frozen cargoes during the shipping period.
A refrigerator container necessarily is composed of three parts:
1. Isolated part
2. Cooling system
3. Ventilation and air rotation system
A refrigerator container should have the standards of the technical committee of Iso104 to be used for international transportation.

Usually, the size of one refrigerator container is as follow:
-length: (12.12 m) 40 ft – (6.6 m) 20 ft
-height: mostly 2.57 m or 2.74 m
Also, a refrigerator container should be able to provide a period of temperature: between +20 c to -25 c.

Mobile generators to produce electricity for container:
When refrigerator container is moving on land, the electronic refrigerator system needs the support of a diesel generator for electricity production.  The diesel generators make an opportunity to move the turned on refrigerator container to the destination for loading or evacuation. This ability prevents any damages during loading or evacuation process.
At the present time, there are two types of a generator for this aim:
1. A generator that can be connected on top of the container, above the cooling system.
2. generator that can be connected under the container.

Now we make a significant improvement by supplying these kinds of generators, providing their related services including repair and their connection to containers, supervision, and explaining how they act to our exporter and importer customers.