Iranian Apple Supplier

Apple, the fruit of paradise

The apple tree with the scientific name “Malus-Pmuila” is from the rose family. Its tree cultivated widely and originated in Asia. There are more than 8000 known apple cultivars. Cultivars are various according to their harvest and the extreme size of the tree, also when grown in a similar area.

Iran is the fourth-largest apple supplier in the world after China, the United States, and the Netherlands, according to the official website of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
Apples have been cultivated in Iran for centuries. The most important apple production areas in Iran are East, West Azerbaijan and then Khorasan and Tehran provinces and greatest . Iranian wild apples are of the Pumila species.


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Nutritional properties of apples

According to the Maryland Medical Center, vitamin C, a combination of vitamin B, fiber and polyphenolic compounds are other compounds in apples, each of which has the following benefits:

Vitamin C: It is a natural and powerful antioxidant that can eliminate some of the damage caused by free radicals and also increase the body’s resistance to infectious agents.

Vitamin B combination: which contains riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin B6 are active in maintaining red blood cells and the nervous system.

Existing fiber can prevent the progression of certain diseases and increase bad cholesterol.

Polyphenols protect the body against free radicals.

Nutritional value per 100 grams of apples with skin

Energy: 52 kcal
Carbohydrates: 13.81 grams
Fat: 0.17 grams
Protein: 0.26 grams
Water: 85.56
Sodium: 1 mg
Beta-carotene: 27 micrograms
Lutein and saxanthin: 29 micrograms
Thiamine: 0.017 micrograms (Vitamin B1)
Vitamin A: 3 micrograms
Riboflavin: 0.026 mg (Vitamin B2)
Pantothenic acid: 0.061 mg (vitamin B5)
Folate: 3 micrograms (Vitamin B9)
Vitamin C: 4.6 mg
Vitamin K: 2.2 micrograms
Vitamin E: 0.18 mg
Calcium: 6 mg
Iron: 0.12 mg
Magnesium: 5 mg
Manganese: 0.035 mg
Phosphorus: 11 mg
Potassium: 107 mg


“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old British proverb that most of us are familiar with it. Apples considered to be very healthy because they are full of natural antioxidants such as vitamin C, which is a great way to boost your immune system.

Apples for health and freshness of the skin

Apples can eliminate or reduce the symptoms of dryness, cracking, pallor, and many long-lasting and chronic skin diseases. It should be noted that this ability of apples is due to the presence of riboflavin (vitamin B2), vitamins C and A, minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Apples for Blood pressure adjustment

Eating apples and even smelling apples can reduce blood pressure. A study by Yale University found that smelling apple only once reduces blood pressure.

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Apples for the health of teeth and gums

Acids in apples kill bacteria during chewing and clean teeth and gums. Chewing an apple is like using a natural toothbrush. Scientific research has shown that about a quarter of an hour after eating a slice of apple a little more than 90 percent and after one hour almost all the microbial particles in the mouth are destroyed.

Apples for the health of the heart

Apples improve heart health in several ways. They have high soluble fiber that helps lower cholesterol. They also contain polyphenols, which are linked to lower blood pressure and stroke risk.

Apples for Weight Loss

A study in obese mice found that those given a supplement of ground apples and apple juice concentrate lost more weight and had lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol than the control group.

Apples are Anticancer

Apples have a strong anti-cancer ability, this is one of the best benefits of apples. Scientists at the American Cancer Research Association agree that apple consumption can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer up to 23%,there is growing evidence suggesting that an apple a day may help prevent breast cancer, as well as several compounds in apple skin, showing that apple skin also has the potential to grow against cancer cells, Specified by Cornell University researchers.

Also, there are some other benefits such as Prevent Alzheimer’s, prevent asthma, treatment of diabetes and prevent gallstones just by eating apples.

Sort apples by color:

  Red: Red Delicious, McIntosh, Red chief, Super chief, Starking Apple….

  Green: Granny Smith, …

  Yellow: Golden Delicious or Yellow Delicious

  Two colors: Gala, Organic Baby Lady Apples – “Sib Golab”, Fuji Apple, Braeburn Apple,

The apples produced in Iran have various shapes and colors. They have a round shape with a cavity at the top; some of them are closely rounded and the others have a conic shape. 

The other characteristic of these apples is that they have a firm flesh with red, white or yellowish-white color. The skin of these apples is not harsh and is shiny. The skin color may be yellow, green, red, dark red, or a mixture of these colors.

export of apple

Iran’s red apples are exported to 20 countries of the world every year. Iran is known as the largest and main producer of this fruit with the production of more than 5 million tons of apples. most of the Production of apple fruit in Iran is from West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Fars, Razavi Khorasan, and Tehran province.
The Russian market is one of the best markets for exporting red apples. One of the important topics for Russian businessmen and inspectors is fruit packaging according to international standards.
After paying attention to the quality of red apple exports, Russian customs inspectors attach great importance to the issue of the type of packaging.
“Kala Sepid Traber” company is a standard supplier of Russian markets by carrying out all stages of fruit export from supply to sorting and packing.

it is critical to note that our company “Kala Sepid Tarabar” as an international transportation & trading company has experienced and professional staff members in all matters related to any shipment (road-rail – sea-air and multimodal freight) and trading, so has always been able to serve the interests of its customers to supply, purchase and export cargoes to all over the world as fast as possible as a strong advisor by choosing the best route and method of transport.

‘kala sepid tarabar’ as an international trading & transportation company in Iran focuses on the export of the agricultural and fresh fruit. Our experiences and resume reflect our quality of work and honesty.

As you know we also are exporters of red and yellow apples that are so fragrant and sweet and have a high shelf life. we have supplied and exported apples from high-grade gardens of Khorasan and Maragheh in sizes of 120, 130, 140, 150 grams and upper in customer’s desired packaging (basket or carton). The following photos and videos related to exporting 100 tons of red apples to India in January 2020. So far we have also exported the best apples to Armenia, Pakistan, and Russia with the safest shipping methods.