strip operation

When the container of goods reach the destination port and we transfer cargo to trucks or other vehicles, it is called strip. In other words, the general concept of strip is the unloading and clearance of cargo. Usually, strip operations are carried out with forklifts and workers who transfer cargo from containers to vehicles. During this process, The owner of goods or his official representative must be present at the place along with the list of goods.

Steps of the strip operation:

Document services:
1.Providing a list of cargo in containers for Strip area
2.Referring owner of cargoes or his representative with documents in his hand
the operation services:
1.breaking the seal in the presence of the representative of the owner of the goods
2.Unloading with workers or forklifts
3.Transferring the empty container to the shipping depot
4.Delivery receipt of the container
5.Loading goods on another vehicles


If you are looking to reduce shipping costs also avoid from paying heavy costs for container damage and demurrage to the shipping company, you can choose the strip method to transfer goods .In following video you can watch the whole operation of strip Kala Sepid Tarabar in less 3 minutes.