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Barberry as a red ruby of Iran

Barberry plant is a spiny shrub which typically has yellow flowers and red fruits with sour taste. In most countries, barberry has different types, including seeded and seedless. The seedless barberry is used in both fresh and dry form. Fresh barberry is used to make beverages and desserts, food additives in sauces or in food products such as fruit roll (Lavashak) and dried one is added to the food as flavoring.
Iran is the largest producer of seedless barberry, which produces 95% of seedless barberry in the world. South Khorasan, one of the provinces of Iran, has had the highest production (about 97% of the land under cultivation of this crop in Iran ) of seedless barberry in the last 20 years.
Some of the species of this plant have medicinal roles in many countries. For example, barberry has been applied in treating eye diseases, fever, high blood pressure and nervous problem, rheumatism, kidney and gallbladder stones, stomach problem and other diseases.
Iranian dried barberry known as berbris vulgaris in many countries. Some of the most important varieties of barberry in the Iranian market can be known as Pofki barberry and done anari barberry.


Literal meaning of “Pofaki” is bloated as corn puffs. farmers should harvest the branch of the barberry’s tree with berries on it. The way it is processed is by hanging barberry clusters with branches in drying warehouses and leaves to dry. In this way Barberry has a very long process and is marketed 2 to 6 months after the first harvest of barberry.
Since this type of barberry is not exposed to the sun its natural red color is preserved and is one of the most desirable types of barberry.
Although it takes a long time to dry, these are benefits of this method: First, Color of this type is light red and different with Done Anari . Second, the shape stays bloated and not squeezed. Third, this method is healthier.

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“DONE ANARI” Barberry

Literal meaning of “Done Anari” is Pomegranate seed. In this kind of processing, farmers harvest fresh berberis vulgaris and then dry this product directly by means of machineries or under the sunlight.
Obviously, products would be ready to sell only 1 month after harvesting. Dark red color, really sour taste and squeezed shape are the most common features of this type of Iranian dried barberry.
According to the latest report 19000 tons of barberry fruits are produced in one year and just around 3% of all exported. More than 30 countries are buying Iranian barberries ,for example Germany , the USA , Switzerland , Canada , Qatar , Chile , The UK , France, etc. Germany by buying 74 tons fresh barberry is the largest destination barberry export for Iran.
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