Trucking Company

Trucking company has many advantage Which we will talk about in the continuation of this article.
The investment required for road transportation is much less than for other methods such as rail and air transportation. And this is the most obvious feature of this method.


1.  Door-to-door services: A prominent advantage of road transport is the establishment of door-to-door or warehouse-to-warehouse services.

2. Flexible services: Road transport has a great advantage over other modes of transport and that is the flexibility of this method, routes and schedules can be adjusted according to the needs of people.

3. Suitable for any distance: Suitable for any distance, even a short one, delays in transportation by intermediaries are avoidable. Products can be loaded directly on the road vehicle and unloaded directly at the destination.

4. Less cargo damages during transportation: Road transport is suitable for transporting sensitive cargoes such as porcelain and glassware that have a high risk of damage in the process of transportation.

5. Speed ​​of movement: If we want to send cargoes to different destinations immediately, road transport is faster than rail and marine transport.

6. Saving on packaging costs: Compared to other methods of transportation, the packaging process in road transport is less complicated.


Seasonal nature: Road transport is unsuitable on heavy rainy days, floods or storms.

KST road transportation services:

‌Road Transportation is one of the main services of ‌Kala Sepid Tarabar. With more than 20 years of experience in Iran-Overseas, the company provides the best freight transit service. All of our transportation vehicles are covered by CMR Insurance, which we are able to provide without third-party services. We have an office in Bandar Abbas and there is agent in all other ports and boarders of Iran.
Transit goods to/from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan.

  • Export and import services to/from Iran and Europe.
  • Door to door delivery
  • Moving by standard trucks, tilt trucks, flat trucks, handling oversize and overweight shipment up to 40 Mt. and also use low bed truck by 5, 7 and 11 axels.
  • Refer trucks: for foodstuff and some shipment that may be rotten must be load by reefer trucks. There are many reefer cargos for countries such as; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan via Iran and as you know there is not reefer wagon from Iran to CIS it’s our pleasure to be at your service for moving your shipments to mentioned destination.
  • Car carriers: it’s for moving cars and each of them can load 6 cars.
  • Traffic services: be arranged by boogie. The boogie is a trailer or chassis that is similar to the lower chassis but has a much larger number of wheels, it has multiple axles that are in proportion to the load, and to carry heavy loads. For transportation of large parts, such as; bridges, oil refineries, as well as other engines and heavy objects, which are too heavy for trucks.