Lengeh Port

Bandar Lengeh, located in the west of Hormozgan province of Iran on the coast of Persian Gulf, is known as a historical port which was a vital port during Achaemenid Empire. Bandar Lengeh is in the southernmost point of Iran’s border with Persian Gulf; hence it had the minimum distance with other countries and their ports. It is historically famous as the pearl port in Persian Gulf because around 70 years ago, Bandar Lengeh was the main center of pearl hunting globally. Moreover it was known as the bride port of Iran since it was the most prosperous port in Iran previously. 

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Its connection with the road network of Iran in three directions, proper geographical location, strong communication of its residents with neighboring countries of Iran, proximity to Strait of Hormuz and international waters, and the short distance between Bandar Lengeh and the neighboring countries have helped Bandar Lengeh to become a strategic Iranian port in south of Iran.

Export of non-oil products had improved 21% from March 21~ October 22, 2018 (7 months) in ports located at the west of Hormozgan. Moreover car transit trended up 39% in the same period while a fall of 59% was seen in the imports due to the Iran domestic production’s boost.  Totally over 5,211,924 MT of oil and non-oil cargoes was loaded or unloaded in the ports at the west of Hormozgan. Bandar Lengeh with loading and unloading 803,000 MT of goods experienced 9% development in 7 months, in the mentioned period.