Imam Khomeini Port

Imam Khomeini port (BIK), previously known as Shahpour port is on the southwestern coast of Iran, on the shores of Persian Gulf. Located up the port of Khore-musa about 85 kilometers east of the port of Khorramshahr, Imam Khomeini port has a natural channel to the sea, with a calm harbor which is always safe for sea-traveling vessels. It is the nearest south port of Iran to industrial areas and has the safest connection to Iraq, Turkey, and Eastern Europe.


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Today Imam Khomeini port benefits from 40 berths which were only 2 at the time of its establishment on 1940. It has seven kilometers of wharf, serving hundreds of vessels every year. Imam Khomeini port’s facilities include a container terminal; terminals for industrial concentrates; grains; general and break bulk; and barges and minerals. Moreover it has a silo facility for grain. It is important to know that Imam Khomeini port facilities are interlinked by 100 kilometers of railway, and it is linked to Tehran and other Iranian cities by road, rail, and air. It covers 10.4 square kilometers and contains 300 thousand square meters of warehouse. The port has capacity to control 35 million tons of cargo per year.

Major imports of Bandar Imam Khomeini are minerals, corn, soya, iron ware, wheat, and chemicals. The major cargo at Imam Khomeini port is oil so the port contains 60 tanks with the capacity to store more than 202 thousand MT of oil at one time.