9 Countries have been eager to invest in the Chabahar port

Behrouz Aghaei, Main Director of Sistan and Baluchestan province Ports and Maritime organization, stated in an interview with Seanews:

The Chabahar Port is the closest and the most economical route to the Indian Ocean to access the world market, utilizing the port significantly reduces the time and cost of regional cargo transportation and connects the economies of these countries to each other.

Representatives of several countries, including China, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Poland, Afghanistan, India, Russia, Japan, etc., have visited the Chabahar port and expressed their willingness to invest in the Chabahar port.

Strengthening the bond between the nations of the region and the landlocked countries through the strategic Chabahar port, and sea-based economic development is one of the goals of the port.

 The establishment of business relationships will certainly provide investment, employment, technology and knowledge in the region and will be effective for all countries in the region.

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