Kiwi Supplier in Iran

Kiwi, or Chinese gooseberry, is the national fruit of China which was delivered from China to New Zealand in the early 20th century and its commercial cultivation was started at that time in New Zealand. China produced 50% of the global total of kiwi in 2017. This oval fruit has a thin, hair-like and lights brown skin. It has a soft texture with a sweet and unique flavor.

Bellow the superior exporters of Kiwi by country in 2017 are mentioned:

  1. New Zealand: US$1.2 billion (43.6% of total kiwi exports)
  2. Italy: $527.6 million (19.5%)
  3. Belgium: $329.6 million (12.2%)
  4. Chile: $188 million (6.9%)
  5. Greece: $130.6 million (4.8%)
  6. Iran: $65 million (2.4%)
  7. Netherlands: $55.5 million (2.1%)
  8. France: $43.6 million (1.6%)
  9. United States: $31.4 million (1.2%)
  10. Hong Kong: $30.9 million (1.1%)
  11. Spain: $29.9 million (1.1%)
  12. Germany: $24.3 million (0.9%)
  13. Portugal: $22 million (0.8%)
  14. Lithuania: $8.8 million (0.3%)
  15. China: $7.1 million (0.3%)

The listed countries shipped 98.8% of global kiwi exports in 2017 by value.

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As you see in the mentioned list, Iran was the sixth exporter of kiwi in 2017, before the Netherlands, France, and the USA. The total value of Iran kiwi exports was 65 million dollars in 2017, comprising 2.4% of the global kiwi export.

Kiwi is one of the significant exported fruits of Iran, being cultivated mainly in the north of Iran. Gilan province and Mazandaran province in the north of Iran are the main areas that produce kiwi. Iran kiwifruit is mostly exported to neighboring countries including Russia, India, Pakistan and also European countries.