Container Throughput Record of Shanghai Port in 2018

Shanghai port is ranked as the biggest and busiest port of the world since 2009. Operating from 1842, it is located in the mouth of Yangtze River. It covers an area of 3,619km².

The excellent location of Shanghai port combined with its economic facilities and its excellent infrastructure has made it a popular seaport internationally. Situating in the middle of the longest eastern coast has prepared unique opportunities for Shanghai port.

The port facilities are owned by Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG). The three main container port areas of it are as follow: Wusongkou, Waigaoqiao and Yangshan. Shanghai port has 125 berths with a total quay length of about 20km.

It serves over 2,000 container ships every month which accounts for about a quarter of the China’s total foreign commerce. Shanghai port could support 35 million TEU in 2014 which was a top record for this port. More than 2000 vessels arrive in its harbor every month.

The Shanghai container throughput reached 42.01 million standard containers or twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) in 2018, up 4.4 percent year-on-year. This new record has made it the globe’s largest port in terms of container throughput for nine consecutive years. Meanwhile, it handled 561 million tonnes of cargo last year, flat from a year ago.

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