Kala Sepid Tarabar Transport Services

Kala Sepid Tarabar (International Transport Company) services are as follows:

  • Transportation of exported, imported and transit goods by Iranian and foreign trucks from all customs offices of the country to Europe, Asia, CIS, Afghanistan, Iraq and vice versa.
  • Multimodal and combined transport, FCL and LCL cargo, cargo, dangerous refrigerated, tanker and tent shipments.
  • Transportation of exported, imported and transit goods in 20ft, 40ft and special containers (Reefer, Open Top Flat, Rack) through a powerful land transport fleet.
  • Transit raw materials from CIS to China.
  • Feeder services from Jebel Ali and Guangzhou to Iran’s southern ports and vice versa.
  • Transportation of bulk cargo by special ships in charter and floating watercraft under the auspices of the company from the northern and southern ports of the country.
  • Transport of consignments by rail, especially bulk container loads from/to Turkmenistan and the customs offices of Iran
  • Transportation of cargoes by container ships to European countries, China, India and the Gulf States.
    Carrying out all works for sea transport by floating vessels in the Caspian Sea (The company has representative offices in Amir Abad and Bandar Anzali)
  • Transportation of oil products from Iran’s northern ports to Iraq, from Iraq to Afghanistan and to Iran’s southern ports.
  • Provision of consulting services in fuel trading from Turkmenistan, Russia and Iraq.
  • The company’s agencies operate in Turkmenistan, Octavos, Shanghai, Nakhchivan, Yerevan, Erbil, Heart and Kabul.
  • Specializing in loading and transporting returned containers from Turkmenistan to Tajikistan and advanced Uzbekistan to Iran.
  • Equipped with the repair workshop and its own 3000 sqm parking lot. in Mashhad.
  • Port services and storage: In addition to all modal transport, container services and loading and unloading in southern and northern Iranian ports, we also have the storage of general cargo such as e.g. Minerals, Fertilizers, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Sulfur.
  • Customs clearance: As a customs clearance broker, we organize all the processes here that involve the preparation, registration of documents for the import or export of goods in physical or electronic form, the calculation of funds such as e.g. Trade Profits, Duties, Taxes, Tariffs and Facilitations provided by the government to importers and exporters of goods etc.
  • The iron ore delivery and transportation contractor of Mobarakeh Isfahan Steel Company, Isfahan Iron Foundry Company and Khuzestan Cement Co.
  • Transportation of more than 2,000,000 tons of iron ore per year under the supply and transportation contracts.
  • Purchasing, cold storage, sorting and packaging of 2,800 tons of Mazafati and Kebkab dates for export to Russia, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.
  • The company’s refrigerated trucks transport more than 10,000 tons of imported red meat and frozen chicken per year to Afghanistan.
  • Import and transport of more than 1000 tons of wood from Russia and their forwarding to Iraq.
  • Export bulk barley with a capacity of 35,000 tons to Iraq.
  • Transportation of Iran Khodro and Saipa automaker products to regional countries.
  • Import of raw materials for the parts manufacturers authorized by Iran Khodro and Saipa Auto Manufacturing Companies