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International transportation means the transfer of passengers or goods between two countries. The two countries may have land, sea or air borders. Transportation and distribution play an important role in international trade. Companies have to choose the right transportation method to ensure the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their work. There are several factors that influence a company’s decision about the type of transportation. These factors can be business needs, destination country and type of goods.

Road, sea, rail and air are the four ways of import and export. As a first step, companies should consider all parts of their project and be aware of what needs to be transferred, including the size, weight and type of goods. For example, for transporting food or fruit, speed is very important and choosing the shortest and fastest route is important. Also shipping cost is very important element. Destination, country law, commodity value and transport risk are other elements that need to be considered. Therefore, anyone who wants to do business with international transportation must evaluate the quality, cost, time and conditions in order to make the right choice.
Kala Sepid Tarabar International Transportation & Trading Company benefiting from the cooperation of the specialist manpower and skillful managers, with more than 20 years of brilliant experience in international and national transportation, has provided specialized services to a wide spectrum of public and private companies as well as natural entities up to now. The agencies of this company are operating in all borders of Iran, customs, special trade zones, and customs of provincial cities and also We have become a long term logistics partner of several multinational companies in some foreign countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, China, and U.A.E. (Dubai). We have experienced and efficient personnel in all international transportation Affairs (road, railway, and marine), are able to operate as the customers’ advisors and their interest protectors through selecting the best routes and transportation procedure as well as declaring the circumstances of the world market. Our strategic situation in Middle East make us superior. KALA SEPID TARABAR Because of the close relationship with a large number of international shipping companies in the Europe, the Far East and CIS is able to provide the following services at the lowest price and in the shortest possible time and conditions.

Types of international transport

  • Marine Transportation:

 The share of marine transport in the export of cargos in international trade is about 90% of the total trade, this amount in terms of tonnage is about six billion tons of all, one third of which are petroleum products and one third of which are dry cargos and Bulk and the rest are non-bulk cargos. This percentage of the sea shipment in world trade shows the importance of marine transportation that can be examined as an integral part.
Providing efficient services in marine transport is one of the necessary and effective parameters in conducting successful international trade, it will certainly increase international trade.


1) marine transportation is cheaper than other methods and for this reason, owners of goods and commercial companies prefer to transport their cargoes with high seas, it can be said that the largest volume of trade and transportation is done by oceans.

2) Another advantage of this method is that the freight is fixed, because the freight is set by large shipping companies and is almost a fixed rate. (Shipping companies set the rate.)

3) Another advantage is ability of transport high volume cargos, also heavy cargo up to about 200 to 500 thousand tons can be easily moved by one ship from port to port.

4) Another advantage is that the reliability and safety of transportation through high seas is high because those who carry goods are required to comply with international standards and laws, and buyers and sellers must comply with the INCOTERMS. This method is almost safe. And the goods and crew are not harmed.


It can be said that the only disadvantage of marine transportation is the delivery time, which is longer than air and land transportation. If time is important to you, this method is not recommended.

 KST marine transportation services

KST is one of the pioneers of the international transportation and transit services of the goods transport service provider (Tranship). This Company will be using the experienced personnel of your product by sea in the shortest possible time and at a low cost.
1. Transportation of loads by container-mounted ships to the European countries, China, India, and the Persian Gulf countries.
2. Transportation of bulk cargos by special ships in charter and buoyant watercrafts under the coverage of the company from the northern and southern harbors of the country.
3. Transit raw materials from CIS to China.

4. Carrying out all of the operations for marine transportation by buoyant watercrafts in Caspian Sea (The company has representatives in Amir Abad & Bandar Anzali).
5. Giving consultation services in trading fuel from Turkmenistan, Russia, and Iraq. The company’s agencies are operating in Turkmenistan, Octavos, Shanghai, Nakhchivan, Yerevan, Erbil, Heart, and Kabul.

KST-transportation company also have the following requirements:

  • Pick up and carry with truck
  • Transportation
  • Follow up and care
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery at your location
  • Transportation of hazardous cargo
  • Export / Import LCL / FCL
  • Compilation of issuance documents
  • Insurance and document review
  • Customs Clearance on Export and Import
  • Multi-state shipping

KST-transportation company cover all major Indian ports and ICDs.

Inland Container Depot, abbreviated to ICD is a dry port based in the hinterland of a country (inland area of a country away from the coast or major rivers) and is equipped to handle full and empty containers.

Containers are moved from the ship to the ICD and vice versa using rail and road networks. An ICD is recognised by customs and port authorities as an extension of the sea port and customs officials are present in many ICDs.
for reading about Top Seaports of India click here.

  • Land or road transportation:

The investment required for road transportation is much less than for other methods such as rail and air transportation. And this is the most obvious feature of this method.


1.  Door-to-door services: A prominent advantage of road transport is the establishment of door-to-door or warehouse-to-warehouse services.

2. Flexible services: Road transport has a great advantage over other modes of transport and that is the flexibility of this method, routes and schedules can be adjusted according to the needs of people.

3. Suitable for any distance: Suitable for any distance, even a short one, delays in transportation by intermediaries are avoidable. Products can be loaded directly on the road vehicle and unloaded directly at the destination.

4. Less cargo damages during transportation: Road transport is suitable for transporting sensitive cargoes such as porcelain and glassware that have a high risk of damage in the process of transportation.

5. Speed ​​of movement: If we want to send cargoes to different destinations immediately, road transport is faster than rail and marine transport.

6. Saving on packaging costs: Compared to other methods of transportation, the packaging process in road transport is less complicated.


Seasonal nature: Road transport is unsuitable on heavy rainy days, floods or storms.

KST road transportation services:

‌Road Transportation is one of the main services of ‌Kala Sepid Tarabar. With more than 20 years of experience in Iran-Overseas, the company provides the best freight transit service. All of our transportation vehicles are covered by CMR Insurance, which we are able to provide without third-party services. We have an office in Bandar Abbas and there is agent in all other ports and boarders of Iran.

  • Transit goods to/from Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq and Pakistan.
  • Export and import services to/from Iran and Europe.
  • Door to door delivery
  • Moving by standard trucks, tilt trucks, flat trucks, handling oversize and overweight shipment up to 40 Mt. and also use low bed truck by 5, 7 and 11 axels.
  • Refer trucks: for foodstuff and some shipment that may be rotten must be load by reefer trucks. There are many reefer cargos for countries such as; Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan via Iran and as you know there is not reefer wagon from Iran to CIS it’s our pleasure to be at your service for moving your shipments to mentioned destination.
  • Car carriers: it’s for moving cars and each of them can load 6 cars.
  • Traffic services: be arranged by boogie. The boogie is a trailer or chassis that is similar to the lower chassis but has a much larger number of wheels, it has multiple axles that are in proportion to the load, and to carry heavy loads. For transportation of large parts, such as; bridges, oil refineries, as well as other engines and heavy objects, which are too heavy for trucks.
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  • Rail transportation

If you are looking for a method that is low cost and you can’t able to use the previous methods and you still do not know what is the appropriate method of international transport, you should go to rail transport. Rail transportation is a cost-effective and efficient way to move cargoes.

Rail transportation issues:

• Existing rails and timetables are not flexible, especially in remote areas

  • sometimes this method can be more expensive than road transport.
  • Mechanical failure or industrial development of the rail system can disrupt services.
  • Each country has its own rail laws. For example, the Convention on International Carriage by Rail (COTIF) is a legal system that is an international organization for international rail transport in the 45 countries that are members of OTIF in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • For the transport of dangerous cargoes that have the UN Code, or goods that the shipping company considers dangerous, you need to complete the Dangerous Goods Declaration.

KST railway transportation services:

As Iran is a best gateway to Russia and CIS countries so it’s very economical and safe that transport via rail to mentioned destination. The route via Iran is from Bandar Abbas to Sarakhs and from Sarakhs to all rail station of Russia & CIS countries.

So if transit time is not your first concern rail freight is adjustability by lower risk delivery and competitive rate.

KST groups, which provides international transportation services, is ready to Rail Transport Announces by covered & flat Wagons, loading / offloading and obtaining rail code by concluding contracts, having permits from Islamic Republic of Iran Rail Ways & CIS Rail Ways.

  • Air transport:

In this age that time is very valuable, air transportation has an important place in countries like Iran with long distances between most cities.

The most important pillar of air transportation is its speed, Which is much faster than sea transport, is also relatively high in air attack safety and less damage to goods.
1) The biggest disadvantage of this method is its is too high.

2) It is not possible to transport any kind of goods by plane. Usually, air transportation is used for small and valuable cargoes, and for heavy and bulk cargoes, land and marine transportation is recommended.

KST Air transport services

We can arrange all of the process from clearance and delivery of goods to the consignee also can done export custom formalities via international airport in Iran, we will pick up cargo from shipper at origin and then arrange the custom formalities and moving by air to destination. We have agent for doing any services at Imam Khomeini airport, Iran’s most active international airport.

Our services through air freight:

  • Import, export and clearing
  • Trucking freight from/to airport
  • Arranging of charters
  • DDU and DDP services

International Transportation Companies

An international transportation company is a legal entity established to carry out international transport operations, including forwarding and carrier activities, or in combination.

Forwarding activity

Forwarding activity is the act of coordinating and arranging the transportation of goods by one of the various land, air, sea or a combination of them and accepting responsibility according to the issued bill of lading and concluded contracts. The company that is active in this field is called a forwarder.

Forwarder duties

1. Issuance of shipping performa invoice
2. signing contract of shipping with consignee
3. Issuance of bill of lading
4. Collection (according to the request of consignee and the contract)
5. Cargo storage (according to the request of consignee and the contract)
6. Packaging (according to the request of consignee and the contract)
7. insurance policy (according to the request of consignee and the contract)
8. Carrying out customs formalities at the origin
9. Signing contracts with various carrier agencies and catching ocean, land, air and rail BL
10. collecting the necessary information of transportation process and presenting them to consignee according to signed contract
11. Delivery of cargoes to the destination customs in land transportation and signing the positive customs document
12. catching the positive customs document and documents of no damage to the cargo and demurrage and clearance from shipping line and performing other duties
13.Make all payment of related parties.
14. Sending the arrival notice to consignee

Carrier activity

International carrier activity is the immediate and direct shipping of cargoes from one country to another by one way in according to the contract of shipping.

A) Carrier duties & Responsibilities

1. Signing a contract for transportation and issuing a bill of lading
2. Preparation of documents such as carnet TIR, carne two passage, dozbolagh (road usage tax), visa, insurance policy, certificates and …
3. Deposit the necessary guarantees to the relevant organizations to obtain the necessary documents.
4. Provision of suitable trucks for transportation according to the deadline which wrote in the contract.
5. Receiving the cargoes from the sender or forwarder and supervising the loading to trucks in terms of matching the shipping documents with the cargo.
6. Submitting cargo documents to customs officials from the origin to the destination and keeping the customs seals safe.
7. Delivery of goods to the consignee
8. Following the specified route and transit time which determined by the customs authorities.
9. Following the specified route and transit time according to the shipping contract.
10. Unloading or supervising the unloading and counting of goods and signing of deduction or extra or damage documents.
11. Care in delivering the cargo to the destination and obtaining the relevant certificates.
12. Make all payment of freight and stopping fee and other rights related to the driver
13. Accept all responsibilities listed in the C.M.R. In the field of loss, delay and damage to cargoes and the obligation to pay agreed fine or in according to C.M.R.
14. Taking care of the approval and stamping of the bottom of the carnet TIR by the customs authorities along the way and at the destination, then returning the final document to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines on due date.
15. following all instructions of carrier activity that are approved by the competent authorities.
16. Awareness of the rules related to truck’s traffic in countries of the route and informing them to the drivers.
17. Educate drivers to carry out the international transport of goods according to instructions.
18. Accept all the responsibilities mentioned in the TIR Convention and the relevant annexes.
19. Carrier companies, while guaranteed behavior of drivers and in case of delinquency, will cooperate with the relevant organizations to take the necessary legal action against the above factors. 20. International shipping companies are required to insure their carrier liabilities under the C.M.R. Convention or the agreed contract and also insure the trucks by reliable insurance companies.

Bill Of Lading

It is a document issued by the carrier or his representative after collecting the goods that includes certain goods from one point (origin) to another point (destination) by agreed type of shipping (ship, train, truck, plane or a combination of them) in exchange for a certain freight.
The bill of lading has several uses as a key document in shipping and transportation. Including:

1) Evidence of contract of carriage

2) The receipt of goods

3) Document of title to the goods

Common types of bill of lading in shipping

The type of bill of lading is determined according to used vehicle. In other words, due to the fact that different goods are transported by different vehicles so different bill of lading is used.
 the most common of which are as follows:

  • Ocean / Marine Bill of Lading: transport with ship
  • Airway Bill: transport with plane
  • Railway Bill: transport with train
  • CMR / Truck Way Bill: transport with truck
  • Through Bill of Lading: Transport by truck, train, ship
  • Fiata combined/Multi model Bill of Lading
  • Parcel post receipt

Ocean / Marine Bill of Lading

It is a document issued by the shipping company or its representative after collecting goods and specifying the payment for shipping. If cargoes loaded on a specific ship for transport to a specific destination, the bill of lading will be issued “on board”. In this bill of lading, the full details of the cargo are recorded and signed by the ship’s captain (ship is committed to deliver cargo to destination and receiver)

Types of ocean bill of lading

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  • Direct BL

It is a bill of lading that indicates the transportation cargo from the origin to the destination without changing the vehicle and indicates the direct delivery of cargo to receiver.

  • Through BL

A bill of lading indicates that cargo are transported from the seller’s country to the final destination by several vehicles (ships, trucks, etc.)

  • Liner BL (Related to regular marine services)

This bill of lading is issued for ship’s cargoes that have a schedule for departure and certain routes. Companies that carry out these shipments follow certain rules and have a certain rate.

  • Charter Party BL

It is a bill of lading that is issued for shipments that are transported by a chartered ship, and the transportation of cargoes of this bill of lading is according to the charter contract. This bill of lading is not accepted by banks in documentary credit (when ships are over 15 years old, they become closed chartered ships).

  • Fiata Combined Cargo Bill (.F.B.L)

It is a composite transport document set up by Fiata for the use of international forwarders as combined transport operators.

This bill of lading is a negotiable document (unless mentioned the term “is non-negotiable”) that has been approved by the International Chamber of Commerce. The transport agent issuing the bill of lading is not only responsible for the delivery of cargo to the destination, but also for all carriers and the actions of third parties used by him during transportation.

Other marine BL

Marine BL has different types in terms of location, number of means of transport, type of service, etc., which we will introduce in the following.

  • Clean BL

A clean ocean freight bill means that when the goods are delivered by the forwarder, there is no clause in the document that indicates that it is defective. This document is known as a clean or unconditional bill of lading.

  • Claused BL

If there is a sentence in the bill of lading that indicates defective packaging of the goods, such bills of lading are called Claused BL or Dirty BL or Foul BL. In transactions based on letters of credit, banks refuse to accept “Claused” bills of lading.

  • Transshipment BL

This bill of lading is similar to the direct BL in terms of content. That is, cargoes are transported just by sea and transported from one ship to another. Also, all the destinations where the ship will stop are listed in the document.

Air way Bill

The bill of lading is usually issued in 12 copies. From a commercial point of view, the three main versions are important in the air bill of lading, and the rest are used for the internal parts of the airline. This type of bill of lading must be stamped by the airline and include information about the flight date and flight number. This type of bill of lading is non-negotiable.

The 3 main versions in the air waybill are:

  • The first original version FOR CARRIER
  • The second original version FOR CONSIGNEE
  • The third original version FOR SHIPPER

Railway bill of lading

A railway bill of lading is a document issued by railway companies at their loading stations. In this document, the railway company announces that it has received the cargoes that mentioned in the BL and responsible to deliver it to destination correctly. The railway bill of lading is non-negotiable

The specifications in the railway bill of lading are:

 Name and address of exporter

 Name of the origin and destination station

 Name and address of the consignee

 Determining types of goods and its specifications such as tariffs, dimensions, etc.

 Product weight, number of packages and packaging specifications

 Wagon number

 Mention the required details for customs

 Freight (usually based on the relevant railway tariff)

Land or road bill of lading

CMR(Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road)

Land bill of lading or CMR is a non-negotiable document used to transport cargoes by truck. This type of BL is for trucks and determines the scope of responsibilities of road transport operators. CMR is usually issued in 6 to 14 copies, 3 of which are original and non-negotiable.

What is mentioned in the CMR is:

Name and address of the sender or its broker

Name and address of the carrier

Name and address of the consignee

Date of issue and date of taking over the goods

Date and place of loading at origin as well as date and place of delivery at destination

Net and gross weight of cargo

Product specifications in terms of dimensions, type of packaging, type of product, number and marks on it

Mention whether transfer from one truck to another is allowed or not

Attached documents

Carnet TIR

With over 50 countries using the procedure, the TIR (Transports Internationaux Routiers, International Road Transport) system is the international customs transit system with the widest geographical coverage. A TIR carnet is a document issued by national road transport associations of the TIR Convention member states. It is an internationally recognized and accepted transit card that can be used for only one trip. It should be noted that the TIR carnet may include many vouchers (2 vouchers per transit country).

Here are the two main advantages of the TIR system:

Under the TIR procedure, goods transported between member countries by authorized TIR carnet holders are not subject to customs control at intermediate borders and can travel directly from point A to point B, provided all the seals are intact and the documents are ok. For instance, the goods are inspected by the departure and the destination countries’ customs offices.

With the TIR carnet, no importation/exportation taxes must be paid at transit customs (provided that the vehicle does not deliver any goods to the intermediate countries along the route).

KST works as a forwarder and carrier and trading company.As you can see we talked about transportation sector on this article.For more information browsing the whole website and other posts in our blog.